8 Proven Ways to Get More Followers on Any Social Media Site

In the last few years, social media has been taking the business world by storm. To be successful in this arena, follower count is very important and it’s much more than just a number. The number of your social media followers has plenty to do with the impact the content you shared makes. You might have an idea about what works good and what doesn’t for gaining followers, but here are some researched and proven ways to get more followers on any social media site.

Provide Social Sharing Buttons

Things go waste if you’ve posted great content without adding social sharing options to your blog. This is a mistake most beginners make! So, ensure to add these buttons and also other site pages that permit visitors to share the content you’ve posted on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

About Us or Contact Us Pages

Do remember to incorporate your social media profile links on your website’s About Us and Contact Us pages as this can reinforce the concept that your prospects and customers can reach out to you on such social sites just the way they do through email or phone. Since social media has more visibility, their friends and followers can also see their comments to you.

Ask Your Employees to Follow

‘Likes’ for your shared content must begin from your staff. Inform your staff to like/subscribe/ follow your social media profiles. This can help in increasing the follower-base as people tend to follow pages that have already got some kind of following. Thus, your staff can help in building the initial numbers.


Invite Clients, Vendors, and Partners

Consider sending a personalized and friendly email request to any person with whom you’ve a business relationship – could be your clients, vendors, partners, or customers. Let them know about your profiles on social media sites.

Email / Blog Comment Signature

Adding links to the social media profiles of your company in your company email signature can compel receivers to look at your profiles. Create an email signature template by including these links. You can also request your employees to use it as signature.

Linking to your active social media profile when commenting on blog posts can also go a long way in helping your profile earn more followers!

Follow these ethical ways to win more social media followers. If you are a busy person with focus on your core business, you can hire professional services that can help in buying more followers. Click here to know more about such services


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